7 apps to beat your bad habits

This shopping app offers cash back at over 1,800 stores, a $5 bonus for your first purchase, and plenty of coupons and deals. Save on transportation

It’s easy to overspend on
car services like Uber (iOS, Android) and Lyft (iOS, Android). Stay off social media

When you’re spending more time on social media than on work, seek Freedom (Windows, Mac, Android). Save your favorites to a recipe box, and get smart shopping lists based on recipes or items you scan. Take out the takeout

Are you ordering too much takeout? Share support with your fellow quitters in 44 different languages. The good news is that quitting is possible. Drop shopping

We all overspend at the holidays, but if shopping to live has turned into living to shop, harness your habit with Ebates (iOS, Android). Each new year brings new opportunities to quit vices like smoking and binge drinking and to cut back on indulgences like excessive carb intake, online shopping sprees, and food deliveries. Just sit back, close your eyes, and imagine that you’re in a very long limo. CarbsControl has nutritional info for thousands of foods and restaurant items, and you can track your goals in the app. Crush carb cravings

If your idea of the five major food groups is crackers, chips, pretzels, pasta, and pie, then it’s time to diversify your diet to include more fruits, vegetables, and protein. If you still prefer delivery and live in one of 15 participating cities, Yummly delivers via Instacart (iOS, Android). Turn the app on and set how long you want to be offline. Yummly (iOS, Android) offers thousands of recipes from top cooking sites and food blogs, which you can filter by dietary restriction, cooking time, and holiday. Ease withdrawal with QuitNow, a highly personalized app that tracks the minutes since your last smoke, the number of cigarettes you’ve avoided, and the amount of money and time you’ve saved. Apps like Eat24 (iOS, Android) and GrubHub (iOS, Android) are convenient, but the costs can add up. If your transportation costs are getting out of hand, find a more affordable option with Moovit (iOS, Android). Stop drinking

People often drink to relax, but excessive drinking increases your anxiety and stresses your liver, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. The app helps you plan trips in over 60 US cities and 400 international destinations via bus, train, and subway, with step-by-step navigation and real-time advisories from other users. Begin a journey toward better health and wealth in 2015 with these seven apps. If you need the Internet again before your time is up, just reboot your computer. Quit smoking

QuitNow (iOS, Android)
Smoking causes one in five US deaths, according to the American Heart Association. CarbsControl (iOS, Android) helps you cut back on calorie-heavy carbs to lose or maintain weight or to keep your blood sugar balanced. If you’re trying to cut back or dry out, Stop Drinking With Andrew Johnson (iOS, Android) will help you with relaxation, hypnotherapy, positive suggestions, and visualization exercises.

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