7 apps to beat your bad habits

This shopping app offers cash back at over 1,800 stores, a $5 bonus for your first purchase, and plenty of coupons and deals. Save on transportation

It’s easy to overspend on
car services like Uber (iOS, Android) and Lyft (iOS, Android). Stay off social media

When you’re spending more time on social media than on work, seek Freedom (Windows, Mac, Android). Save your favorites to a recipe box, and get smart shopping lists based on recipes or items you scan. Take out the takeout

Are you ordering too much takeout? Share support with your fellow quitters in 44 different languages. The good news is that quitting is possible. Drop shopping

We all overspend at the holidays, but if shopping to live has turned into living to shop, harness your habit with Ebates (iOS, Android). Each new year brings new opportunities to quit vices like smoking and binge drinking and to cut back on indulgences like excessive carb intake, online shopping sprees, and food deliveries. Just sit back, close your eyes, and imagine that you’re in a very long limo. CarbsControl has nutritional info for thousands of foods and restaurant items, and you can track your goals in the app. Crush carb cravings

If your idea of the five major food groups is crackers, chips, pretzels, pasta, and pie, then it’s time to diversify your diet to include more fruits, vegetables, and protein. If you still prefer delivery and live in one of 15 participating cities, Yummly delivers via Instacart (iOS, Android). Turn the app on and set how long you want to be offline. Yummly (iOS, Android) offers thousands of recipes from top cooking sites and food blogs, which you can filter by dietary restriction, cooking time, and holiday. Ease withdrawal with QuitNow, a highly personalized app that tracks the minutes since your last smoke, the number of cigarettes you’ve avoided, and the amount of money and time you’ve saved. Apps like Eat24 (iOS, Android) and GrubHub (iOS, Android) are convenient, but the costs can add up. If your transportation costs are getting out of hand, find a more affordable option with Moovit (iOS, Android). Stop drinking

People often drink to relax, but excessive drinking increases your anxiety and stresses your liver, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. The app helps you plan trips in over 60 US cities and 400 international destinations via bus, train, and subway, with step-by-step navigation and real-time advisories from other users. Begin a journey toward better health and wealth in 2015 with these seven apps. If you need the Internet again before your time is up, just reboot your computer. Quit smoking

QuitNow (iOS, Android)
Smoking causes one in five US deaths, according to the American Heart Association. CarbsControl (iOS, Android) helps you cut back on calorie-heavy carbs to lose or maintain weight or to keep your blood sugar balanced. If you’re trying to cut back or dry out, Stop Drinking With Andrew Johnson (iOS, Android) will help you with relaxation, hypnotherapy, positive suggestions, and visualization exercises.

Downloads of the Year 2014

If you haven’t updated your protection yet, read our take on the best security options for your needs. To put the number in perspective, that’s more than dollars spent seeing «Guardians of the Galaxy» ($332 million gross), Netflix subscribers (53 million), World Series game 7 watchers (23.5 million), Apparently Kid viewers (18 million), and US buyers of Taylor Swift’s «1989» (3.3 million). To keep current with new software in 2015, sign up for one of our weekly newsletters. Read on to see the year’s most-downloaded apps for Windows and Mac, as well as 2014’s most popular newcomers. Top Windows downloads for 2014

Avast Free Antivirus
AVG AntiVirus Free
Advanced SystemCare Free
YTD Video Downloader
Free YouTube Downloader
Download App
Driver Booster 2
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
Hotspot Shield

Mac downloads for 2014

Avast Mac Security
Microsoft Office 2011
Adobe Photoshop CS6
MacBooster 2
YTD Video Downloader
VLC Media Player
Mozilla Firefox
Hotspot Shield

Most popular Windows newcomers

MP3 Rocket YouTube Downloader
Virtual DJ 7
Free RAR Password Unlocker
My WIFI Router
Airy YouTube Downloader
Nero WaveEditor
Nero CoverDesigner
Paragon Backup & Recovery Free (32-bit)
DL Driver Updater
Free Video Compressor

Most popular Mac newcomers

Free Whatsapp Recovery
Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X (Yosemite Preview)
Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X (Snow Leopard)
V-Ray for SketchUp
Memory Diag
CyberGhost VPN
NetGear Genie
Adblock Plus for Safari
Aiseesoft Mac PDF Converter Ultimate Many of you found utilities on our site to clean up your computers — another way to sweep for unwanted programs, as well as to free up hard drive space and improve system performance. You, Download.com nation, got more than 630 million apps from our site in 2014. In a word, security — and no surprise, since this year brought Heartbleed and Shellshock; credit card and personal info stolen from Home Depot, Target, and JPMorgan; celebrity iCloud photo hacks; and much more. So, what had you downloading in droves?

Star Apps: Dee Snider

Any update on that? We met as family guys on Long Island, but our lives are not the same, and our careers are not the same, because mine fell apart. He broke up with you again.» When he’s mad at you, he talks about you on the radio. It wasn’t the best thing for her at that time. Now the singer is pushing his cuddlier side, narrating the self-penned musical «Dee Snider’s Rock & Roll Christmas Tale.» I chatted with Snider about the show, getting on the wrong side of the Gores and Howard Stern, keeping his family together, and the app that helps him escape his most-dreaded super fans. This is the second time it’s happened, and he’s very reactive. I love him and owe him — he championed me to the point of taking meetings to pitch me just to get me on the radio. I thought I’d kill for a photo of me, Mary Lou, and John Ratzenberger, just sitting there having a normal conversation about kids and day-to-day stuff. Howard gets passive aggressive, and he’ll only discuss it on the air in a roundabout way, ’cause he knows you’re listening. He’s never had that. I tried calling and emailing, but he wouldn’t answer. Looking back, that was a miscall on our part. I remember going, «What the f— parallel universe is this?» It was certainly one of the most surreal things I’ve done. I owe him for that forever. I was like, «Holy f—.» Then the other boys said, «Get it together, man,» and I did, and then we were gone. When I watch those video tapes and see myself walking in there, I think, «God, you were one cocky motherf—.» I did put on mascara before I went down and walked in there in a cut-off T-shirt, denim vest, and snakeskin boots, and pants so tight you could tell I was circumcised. It’s a great family show. I tend to have practical apps like Skype, and, of course, Twitter is always huge. In the eyes of Tipper Gore and her Parents Music Resource Center, Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider made offensive music that needed a warning label. In your new documentary, «We Are Twisted F— Sister,» you say that people always come up to you, telling you they’re such major fans, but all they know is «I Wanna Rock» and «We’re Not Gonna Take It.» What do you want people to know about your band? If you look closely, you could see my hands shaking on the paper. Everyone wanted to do it, but the reality is, was a 14-year-old girl capable of making that decision? We hope it’ll come to Broadway in 2015. It just got to be a weird relationship. It was really persistence to the point of stupidity, to spend eight and a half years to achieve stardom. This is what I hope people come away with. Losing everything gives you incredible perspective. The ratings were solid, and we were following «Gene Simmons Family Jewels» and holding Gene’s numbers. I gotta take this,» and I walk away. We weren’t a flash in the pan — some construct, put together to capitalize on the growing hair-metal movement that didn’t even exist at the time. In 1985, when you were testifying before the US Senate about the evils of music censorship, was there a moment where you felt like you had gotten in over your head? I love MyRadar, because when I go different places, I like to see what’s coming or what the future is going to be. No, I have not. She had this Catholic upbringing, so there was this real mental thing about being a good girl. When I stepped out two hours later in full regalia, I walked into this bizarre world of Cliff Clavin, Kid ‘n Play, Hulk Hogan, Mary Lou Retton, Erik Estrada, and extras, and everyone looking authentic. But when he’s really mad at you, he doesn’t mention you at all. Dee Snider describes his Twisted Sister look as Raggedy Ann on acid. A toned-down but no less rocking Snider fronts Dee Snider’s Rock & Roll Christmas Tale. The production people were really kind to her, but she was really impacted and winded up doing home tutoring, because the attention at school became too much. I am so proud of them that I want people to see and know what I have. Earlier this year you appeared in a hilarious Radio Shack commercial with many of your fellow ’80s icons. I said [my wife] Suzette and I were really good friends with him and [previous wife] Alison, so I am not surprised, and besides, he’s hanging out with people now that he wouldn’t have given the time of day to before. Flixster for the movies. She was 15, and I was 21. There’s a certain degree of judging. I play the narrator of the story of Daisy Cutter and their struggle to sell their souls. There were two things going on. A lot of conservatives and liberals were threatened by your music. He was livid, livid, livid, so I guess afterwards he had all my s— checked. It’s like having another woman in the relationship. And was she emotionally ready for that? He said, «This guy is way more than a couple of songs.» He was a champion of me, and I’ll love him forever. That’s time well spent. I embarrassed him. I was humbled — he’s never been — and it does something to you. We were great friends for a long time, but I am currently not in his good graces in a very big way. I said, «Truth be told, I didn’t care that we weren’t invited to your wedding,» but maybe a part of me did care. She had snuck into the club and looked exactly the same at 15, by the way. I guess the biggest thing I like that the documentary is exposing is that it wasn’t an accident. I said, «Come here,» and she said, «I’m a good girl.» I said, «OK, what’s your name?» So our relationship has burned in reverse and gotten hotter over time, which is bizarre but a way better way to go. We talked backstage for a few minutes, but our lives have gone down such different paths. It would just blow up the Twitterverse. Because it takes me almost two hours to get ready, my call time was before everybody else’s. But when I sat down and looked up, it hit me the significance and intensity of where I was, and I started to shake. Just put that on, and everybody rolls. I think that my reality show work has been about taking my family out from beneath the shade of my stardom and shining the light on them. Radio Shack’s 2014 commercial features Snider and many other ’80s icons:

In 2010 you and your family had a reality show called «Growing Up Twisted.» With all the couples who break up doing reality shows, how did you and your wife manage to stay united? He still remains disturbing, however. She caved. Is there a musician today that you find threatening? First, let me say, I love this guy. There’s an app called Fake a Call, so when people approach me and won’t leave, I get a fake phone call. When I talk to people and they find out about that — that this band pre-exists every hair-metal band — they’re literally stunned. I stalked her. I’ve read that you and Howard Stern have been on the outs for years now. I hope so, because I hate for bad feelings to be out there. It didn’t start so hot and heavy, whereas most relationships start with intense bursts in the beginning. I say, «Excuse me, I gotta take this call,» and I start talking. Al Gore was the most dangerous man in Washington, because back then he was an ultra-conservative wearing liberal’s clothing. It was truly a bizarre experience. It’s a Christmas musical about a struggling rock ‘n’ roll band that, in a last-ditch effort to find fame and fortune, try to sell their souls to the devil but find the magic of Christmas instead. You’re not wrong; our relationship has gotten stronger and stronger over the years. We had five different demo tapes that we kept shopping and getting rejected, but never taking no for an answer. This is speculation, but certain parties weren’t crazy about having another rock star family on the same network. He saw more in me before anyone else did, supported me, and got me my literary and radio agents. It’s funny, because I’ve never said this before. I said his wife had a dirty mind, because she said my song, «Under the Blade» was about sadomasochism, and I said it was about a throat operation. We went to England to find our first deal and break in reverse out of the UK to the United States. There was also a post-appearance testifying moment, weeks later, where I found out my phones were being tapped, my mail and packages were being checked — I was under surveillance. Howard never called me about it. We’ve certainly heard people talk about the reality show jinx. But then there’s the Fart Cushion app, which never gets old for some reason. At that moment, I was like, «What the f—?» I speak out, it makes some people look bad, and now I’m being investigated. And this was all because of Al and Tipper Gore? I haven’t tried to make it about me; I’ve made it about them. He never became cartoonish, although now he’s drugged out and f— up and not producing the quality he once was. Do you have hope for a reconciliation? I could have been a doctor in that time, and I would have had much more guarantee of success. Some people say, «I miss your show,» and I say, «It’s alive and well, just not being televised.» Why was the show cancelled? That quote got blown up, and his fans erupted, and they said, «Finally, someone said it.» Howard got really upset and sent me a terse email and said he’s breaking up with me. To fans, he was a rock ‘n’ roll icon who made it OK for teens to rat their hair, wear makeup, and rock out. WorldMate keeps all of your flight information, and then it updates you on the connections and maps of the airports and keeps all the information. So «America’s Got Talent» reached out and said they wanted to surprise him with one of his friends, and I said, «Boy, will he be surprised.» I came out, and he was gracious, the first one on his feet, cheering. It was, «F— you, we’re going to look this way — like Raggedy Ann on acid — and there’s nothing you can do about it.» Marilyn Manson is not only brilliant and a fan of my band, but he’s sustained that rebellious, terrifying thing. I’ve written a holiday musical called «Dee Snider’s Rock & Roll Christmas Tale,» which is playing on Broadway in Chicago through January 4. I went to my trailer and immediately started the process of getting my stuff on. What are your top mobile apps? It’s got a conjuring and an exorcism, but you actually walk away feeling Christmasy. There’s a woman’s voice saying basic stuff, and I say, «It’s my wife. I really make it about the family, which is something you don’t see in other shows. I found it when I got trapped in an airport lounge by a woman who would not leave, and I thought that there’s got to be an app for this type of situation. The other thing is we, in retrospect, regret doing it, because of the effect on our daughter. Back then, if he could have taken me out and had me shot, he would have, because he was furious. In an extensive interview with a local magazine, I was asked about not being at his wedding. Suzette has said, «If he wants to go out with you again, you can’t go out with him. Twisted was always about fun, but there was an ominousness to us at the same time. Anything can happen when Marilyn’s on stage. What can you tell us about your show? So people don’t know he’s mad. We were making demands and powerful statements in the way we did in the bars coming up. There’s a lot of Twisted music, some new stuff, and it’s a comedy. (Credit:
Mark Weiss)

Have you seen Al or Tipper Gore since testifying before the US Senate? I just hit the button, and it says Home, and there’s a pic of my wife and kids. I even got a copy of the interview and sent it to him, and said, «Please listen to this interview.» I was speaking about him in glowing terms, but when asked about one thing, I made an offhanded comment I shouldn’t have said, because it wasn’t fair. We were big, and we were threatening. But our relationship was a little a— backwards. Her family threatened to kill me. So I arrived, and no one was there yet. What was it like on set?

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